Democratic Primary: please die

March 24th, 2008, 11:44 pm PST by Greg

I have been following the US Democratic Primary. I do this partially because I’m affected by the outcome, as the winner will have a non-trivial effect on my life as a Canadian, and partially because it’s more-or-less as interesting as American Idol as reality TV goes.

Frankly, I’m starting to get a little tired of it. It’s starting to take on the character of a crappy romantic comedy where you know it’s going to end with the girl getting the guy, but you still have to sit through 45 minutes of charming misunderstandings before you can go home. Let me explain…

Fact #1: Obama is going to win the pledged delegate count: Slate does a good job of explaining why. Clinton has only won one state with the 64% she would have to get in all of the remaining contests to come out on top. Even wackiness with Florida and Michigan wouldn’t get Clinton into the lead.

Fact #2: The superdelegates won’t overturn the pledged delegates. Many prominent democrats are against it, it would cause a crazy civil war in the party, and my guess is that it would cost them the general election.

So, Obama’s going to win the Democratic nomination. Congratulations. Why do I still have to read about the whole thing in every other Digg headline? I know the media has a vested interest in keeping things going, but come on.

Given that the protracted contest is supposed to be bad for eventual nominee, why aren’t the superdelegates putting me out of my misery? All they have to do is give a quick speech about how they’re going to honour the will of the electorate and support Obama. They get to be on the winning side and “save” the party. Somebody with a few stones could also suggest that it was time for Clinton to call it a race too.

Bill Richardson just did exactly that and it will probably get him a cabinet seat. If a few high profile superdelegates came out on Obama’s side, it would pretty much seal the deal. Any idea why others aren’t following suit?

2 Responses to “Democratic Primary: please die”

  1. ginamc Says:

    Greg, maybe YOU should just die or leave the Democratic Party… that is, of course, if you have ever been a member of the Party before. Or, will you pick up your pompous, boy toys and go home and never vote again if Barry loses? The likelihood of the latter is much more probable because you obviously have never been a real Democrat. This is ALL just another boy’s game to you. Seriously, all of your mental masturbation will not change the reality that in the final analysis, Obama is detrimental to the Party and this country. And, if the SDs do decide to cave in to the likes of inexperienced, naive, political dilettantes such as yourself, then he will win the Democratic nomination. But, ultimately LOSE the Presidential GE. Why? Because in your vain attempts to be hot shots, you and your fearless leader, Barry, will have effectively alienated over 1/2 of the Party. Your incessant arrogance will tire the other half of the REAL Democrats into sitting out the election or voting for McCain.

    Happy? Not only will the Primary be dead, but so will the Democratic Party.

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