My Day

November 8th, 2008, 6:53 pm PST by Greg

It has been a trying day so far:

  1. I got up and went for a bike ride. It was raining, so I didn’t do the full Burnaby Mountain circuit, but got a good ride in: starting my day a little worn, but feeling good.
  2. As I finished the ride, I came into our underground parking lot, turned the corner on smooth, wet, slightly oily pavement and felt my wheels slide out. The bike hit the ground hard enough to break a pedal. I came to a stop arms out and skidding on my stomach/chest, superhero-style (except not flying). If it hadn’t been for the cold weather layers, it would have scraped my left nipple off, which would have sucked. No blood loss or serious injury, but now I’m sore and tense.
  3. After a shower, Kat and I went to the Golden Pita for lunch. Ran into Art and Janice, which was nice.
  4. Then we had to do some shopping (for dinner tonight and our planned holiday open house). This involved some obscure ingredients, so many stops were required. The first stop was the dreaded Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon with every cheap person in Burquitlam.
  5. Then to Superstore on a Saturday afternoon with every cheap grocery shopper in Burnaby.
  6. Then Famous Foods, which rocks and actually had the obscure ingredients we wanted, so that was good. If you need obscure spices or baking ingredients in Vancouver, this is the place to go. Would buy from again, A+++++.
  7. Then to T&T. We wanted a lobster (for a seafood boil tonight), which involved waiting for the old Chinese ladies whose lobster-picking algorithm seemed to be (1) pick up a lobster and flip it over, (2) look at its underside for 30 seconds, (3) put it down and talk to each other for 30 seconds, (4) repeat. I managed to not tap any of them on the shoulder and say “if you pick up another lobster, I will cut you”, so it worked out as well as could be expected.
  8. Home.

Overall, a generally unpleasant day, with parts 2, 4, 5, and 7 really sucking. Perhaps a decent dinner will raise my spirits.