My Minimal Setup

January 6th, 2010, 9:37 pm PST by Greg

I just got a new netbook: an Asus Eee 1005HA.

As my old tablet got slowly older, I realized that I don’t really have heavy laptop demands: most of my use is a text editor and “hey look at this web page” in lectures. Even when away from the lecture hall, I tend to work primarily in a text editor (for LaTeX, HTML, Python, etc.), Thunderbird, and Firefox. I’m not exactly putting a big strain on the system, and can trade off power for small and light.

As always, there’s a big difference between the average stock setup and what I need to get some work done. Bridging this gap is a hassle, so I’m going to finally record what I need so I can look it up next time.

The new Eee is dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Karmic netbook remix). Yay to Asus for shipping with a second “data” partition on the drive that was dead-easy to put Ubuntu on.

I’m open to must-have software suggestions that I missed. I’ll probably add more below as I find stuff I missed.

In Windows

In Ubuntu

  • rsync (As far as I’m concerned it’s negligent to have an operating system install without rsync.)
  • subversion
  • sshfs
  • ntp
  • thunderbird (and thunderbird-gnome-support)
  • If I’m going to be downloading pictures from a camera: mmv, jhead, exif, gphoto2, python-pyexiv2, gpsbabel
  • ddclient (with a config file like this)

In Firefox

I Have The Best Job In The World

January 4th, 2010, 3:55 pm PST by Greg

… and it’s days like today that I have to say that out loud to remind myself. I am not mentally or physically prepared to be done my Christmas break or resume teaching.

I have posted some pics from Vegas. The trip was good: to give you an idea, we gambled a total of $100 between us because there was too much other stuff to do.

A warning: when going to Vegas, plan to spend $100–200 per person per day on miscellaneous stuff. By the time you have a nice dinner and go to a show, $100 is gone, and that only entertains you for the evening.

The highlight for me was probably the Gun Store (not-even-subtly-racist targets aside). When else am I going to shoot an assault rifle? I should have upgraded the package to shoot a handgun too.

Other than that, we had a good set of the standard holiday stuff (including our open house, which I haven’t done the time lapse video for yet). All of that went well, but all happened much too fast.