27 Dresses

January 21st, 2008, 1:38 pm PST by Greg

As most of you know, Amanda is leaving Computing Science and movin’ on up to Student Services. That’s very sad, and I’ll blog about it later.

Because Amanda’s a good boss, she wanted to do something for her team before she left. She decided on playing hookie on Friday afternoon and taking the team to a movie. (But shhhhh! It’s a secret: no sane manager would play hookie with their entire team.)

We discussed the movie a bit before we went. I was campaigning for Juno. Instead, she chose 27 Dresses.

Now, I’m not above watching a decent chick-flick. I remember About a Boy being okay, for example. Actually, I kind of like Hugh Grant. This movie, on the other hand, wasn’t “decent”. Not even close.

None of the characters were sympathetic: I hated them all. Even the protagonist (who I suspect I was supposed to care about) was whiney, meek, and generally annoying. The “pretty” sister wasn’t actually as pretty as the not-as-pretty, practical one. Both guys were dicks and too stupid to live.

Basically, if the movie had ended with everyone dying in a fire, I would have been fine with that. The only exception was Judy Greer, who I think I have a bit of a crush on, and whose character was actually compelling (but on screen for maybe two minutes).

So guys: if you have a choice between seeing 27 Dresses and paying nine bucks to sit in the theatre lobby and play video games, get yourself a roll of quarters. The women in the crowd seemed to like it, though.

2 Responses to “27 Dresses”

  1. Eugene Says:

    Please pass along my congratulations to Amanda’s promotion(?). Or if she reads this blog, congrats Amanda! I liked the job she did in the department, connecting with students and whatnot and not being a Dilbert budget/accounting troll huddled away in the corners.
    One less ally in your fight against departmental BS. I guess you’ll have to make a bigger stick to beat stupid people with.

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