T-Shirts in China

May 31st, 2013, 4:22 am PDT by Greg

Poor English translations are nothing new to me, even as a Vancouverite. They kind of just roll off me without notice by now. “Fish is to eating”… I think “I guess they serve fish,” but nothing else.

But as a service my friends Kym and Mark at Herrohachi, I decided to watch for T-shirts with odd English. When I saw one, I jotted it down in my phone.

What follows is a two-week supply. Spelling and punctuation is as close as I could get it. I have made no real attempt to preserve design, formatting, or even line breaks. The slash indicates a line break where I recorded it.


These just don’t make sense…


These are perfectly reasonable English, but not-quite-right on a T-shirt

  • I only sleep with the best
  • Bed and breakfast
  • I’m a real sketch fan! [below line-art sketches of random plants]
  • Nice tag line
  • FART (in 6 inch glittery letters)
  • Hurry up
  • It’s your turn / I like rugby it’s so fun [on a girl that I could have picked up and thrown with one hand]

One Response to “T-Shirts in China”

  1. Curtis Lassam Says:

    I’ve been looking for a “Bed and Breakfast” shirt forever. Also a glittery “FART” shirt would be pretty handy work apparel.