Elections, ugh

May 2nd, 2011, 11:17 pm PDT by Greg

So here I am in a hotel room in San Francisco, concerned primarily with an election in the homeland. We seem to be looking at a conservative majority and NDP opposition. Here’s my thoughts on how we got here…

I feel like the republicans in the states are mostly to blame for the NDP gains: there has been a lot off talk there about how health care and generally governments doing… things… is evil socialism. I think a lot of Canadians looked at that and said to themselves “that seems okay…we need us some socialism.”

As for the conservative gains? Here’s my glass-half-full take on that: three reason Harper is so popular is that he has been in a minority government and hasn’t actually been able too *do* anything. Given a few years of Harper being Harper, I don’t think the poll numbers will be quite the same.

As for the liberals… well… you picked Igatieff all by yourself.

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