Must go!

August 4th, 2008, 10:25 pm PDT by Greg

More stuff that we have to get rid of in the move. All prices are “or best offer”. As with other stuff, I’ll give y’all a day or two lead on Craigslist.

VCR: Sony SLV-N88.
Hi-fi, dead-easy programming with the little knob on the front. Works perfectly, as far as I know. $30
TV/component stand.
Nice stand for TV and two shelves of components below it. Won’t fit in the new place, so it’s gotta go. $20, must pick up.
TV stand

Doesn’t include the electronics in the picture, natch.
CD drawers.
2 × 4 drawer CD jewel case drawers from Ikea. $10

CD drawers
White bookshelf.
68×29×8.5 inch bookshelf. $10, must pick up.
white shelf

Doesn’t include the crap on the shelf in picture.
Beech bookshelf.
71×28×10.5 inch bookshelf from Ikea. $10, must pick up.
beech bookshelf

Doesn’t include the crap on the shelf in picture.

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  1. movers burnaby Says:

    well, that’s a good way to de-clutter the house away… nice insights!
    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.