To: Curtis

January 16th, 2008, 12:08 pm PST by Greg

Subject: Re: Project Don’t Die Before I Reach The Age Of 28

As one of the facultative vegetarians that you were probably referring to, I feel like I should respond.

My first thought to the taste-of-vegetables problem is fairly straightforward, I think. If you like the taste of meat, do the same thing you would when trying to give a dog a pill: mix it with meat. The obvious device for this is probably the stir fry.

Also, consider the wonders of cheese. Nothing makes broccoli palatable like a cheese sauce. Might I also dare to suggest you have a look at a cookbook or two? They’re like algorithms textbooks, but for food.

One of the things that really pisses me off are people I refer to as “penance vegetarians”. These are the people that seem to treat vegetarianism like it’s punishment for something and have been doing it for far too long. They are the ones that like tofu and snack from little bags of what appears to be bird food. They rave about the food at the Nam.

Vegetarian food can have fat in it. It can even have flavour if you play your cards right.

On the subject of gastrointestinal stress: I’m sure you’ll be fine. The system seems to get used to whatever one has been giving it. For example, I don’t think Mexican people are in a constant state of distress, but Mexican food it’s always an easy way to a punchline for American sitcom characters. Stay the course, and you’ll be fine.

3 Responses to “To: Curtis”

  1. Eunice Says:

    Food at the Naam also lacks SODIUM. While some of it is good, some of it has me reaching for the salt shaker!

  2. Eugene Says:

    Nothing wrong with tofu if you cook it right.

  3. yangman Says:

    I like both tofu and the Nam.

    Also, steaks.