Good times

August 4th, 2007, 12:22 am PDT by Greg

So, I haven’t blogged for a while. I guess I have been too busy.

The busy time started with Lisa, a friend of ours from North Carolina coming to Vancouver for a conference. Since she had some downtime, and it’s a damn nice city to be in, her partner Brian decided to come with her and make it a light-work vacation. Since they were coming, Kat decided to come to town herself to hang out with all of us.

So, it was a full house for a little while: Kat stayed for 4 days, and Lisa and Brian for 3 more. It was nice to take a mini in-town vacation.

Last Friday, I took Lisa and Brian to the airport, and hopped on a red-eye myself to go and see my parents in Ontario for a quick five day visit before having to return. I haven’t been back to see my parents at home for about two years. The four days I actually spent at their place was long enough to spend some time with them, and they got high speed Internet since I was last there, so the border would be under control.

The day before I left, their Internet connection went down at around noon: some problem at the ISP’s end.

You know when you’re walking around the house at night and the power suddenly goes off and all you can think is “fuck, now I’m in the dark.” Well, that’s pretty much how I felt. “Fuck, now I’m in Toledo and have to face that with no Internet to distract me.”

I’m not really sure how I got through my teenage years without going nuts or developing a chemical dependency. I suspect that Jeb and I managed to enter a balance of stupidity: stupid enough to entertain ourselves, not stupid enough to hurt ourselves.

Although, the time we made water burn came close.

Anyway, I’m back. Ready to face the end of the semester.

One Response to “Good times”

  1. Lisa Says:

    And a damn good light-work vacation it was…until I developed a severe allergy to something in my Indian food, or aspirin.

    Vancouverites — thanks for all your hospitality! The air mattress was comfy, the gourmet dessert delicious, and the company was the best part. Your city is gorgeous; it made it hard to come back to North Carolina. I’ll definitely be back!

    Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce damage count: 2 down, 4 to go.