No Pants Day

May 23rd, 2007, 9:53 pm PDT by Kat

Today was the lab’s first annual “No Pants Day”. (Paul, I definitely thought of you!) So a couple of weeks ago we got new lab coats with the lab name embroidered on them. Quite spiffy. We each have our own coat and can tell them apart by the color of the embroidery. Buddy put his on right away and mentioned that it was long enough that he wouldn’t have to wear pants to the lab anymore. This prompted Keith to make a “Pants are NOT optional” lab rule which we are all glad for.

However, as a result, the lab’s “No Pants Day” was born. Danielle, our lab’s technician, came up with the idea. Everyone had to wear either shorts or a skirt AND a lab coat, so that it would look as though we weren’t wearing any pants. Not surprisingly, Buddy looked the most pantless out of all of us. He should be proud. As part of the festivities we took weird pictures using the camera that is embedded in one of the lab’s Mac’s and then had pizza for dinner.

One Response to “No Pants Day”

  1. kelly Says:

    Oh Kat.

    It’s like you brought a little bit of Paul down with you to NC. 🙂