Tree update

March 2nd, 2007, 10:55 am PST by Greg

I posted some more pictures of the tree that I took this morning.

I did a panorama from the upstairs balcony that gives a better idea of what happened. I had rolled my car a few feet forward before this picture (to leave room to get in and clear stuff out).

There’s a guy with a chainsaw clearing the last of the tree away right now. I’m hoping he’ll get the last chunks of log off the SUV so I can get some clear pictures of what’s left.

Just to add something else to this entry, I just got the strangest piece of spam:

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an idiot not trying something. My fuckin sister lost 52 lbs
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It’s about time you stopped being a lazy piece of shit and
do something about yourself.

-You know who I am probably

So, they’re trying the lesser-known sales technique “you get more flies with vinegar than honey and boiling vinegar is even better.” Clever.

One Response to “Tree update”

  1. Someone You Probably Know Says:

    What makes you think it was spam tubby?