March 1st, 2007, 9:46 pm PST by Greg

So, I was hanging around the house (Kat’s place in NC) this afternoon. Brushing my teeth, in fact.

I heard this loud smashing noise. I thought maybe the guy upstairs had part of his loft collapse with a bunch of furniture and maybe a toolbox on it. I wandered outside to see what was going on.

It took me a minute to process… a tree had fallen down. That’s bad.

A big tree. That’s worse. Onto the downstairs neighbour’s SUV. Really bad.

The way it fell was quite amazing. There are three cars parked there: upstairs, us, downstairs. The tree was closest to the upstairs car. The trunk fell maybe 8 inches behind his bumper, and our bumper.

Then there was a fork in the tree (so it was wider), and the downstairs SUV (which stuck out more). The SUV got, well, smooshed. I’m guessing that the salvageable parts are: two front tires, a few parts of the engine.

There was no damage to the other two cars. Our car is covered with chunks of window/skylight that kersploded off her car, but that’s it.

I phoned 911 because I wasn’t sure about the gas tank. They sent around a police patrol. He looked at it, wrote some notes for a report, and left a card for her. Then he walked back to his car, came back, and took some pictures with his cell phone.

My thought process: “A phone’s camera isn’t good enough for evidence. Why doesn’t he have a proper camera? Oh! He’s taking the pictures to show his buddies!”

I managed to get a few pictures in the dark with our camera. I’ll try to get some more in the morning.

The frightening thing is that it wasn’t windy or stormy. There was light drizzle, but that’s about it. Pretty much, her car got smote.

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