Snow Day!

November 27th, 2006, 7:47 pm PST by Greg

As most of you know, SFU Burnaby was closed today (sorry, Paul). So, I had an unexpected day off. Or, more correctly, an unexpected day to work at home.

So, what did I do with my day?

I saw that they had closed the campus before I went to bed, so I could sleep in. My mother phoned at 8:00 to… uh… tell me it was snowing? I grumbled something about the University being closed. “Oh, were you asleep?” “Yabayngh.” I phoned back later and confirmed that it was indeed snowing. I took a few more pictures.

Then I heard the landlady shoveling the sidewalk. I went out to do it for her, thus a five minute conversation ensued about what I was trying to do. It almost ended with me saying “give me the damn shovel and go back in the stupid house where it’s warm!” She’s afraid of going outside. Possibly because it was icy, or possibly in general. As usual, I only caught about every third word.

While I was at it, I brushed off the car. The locks were a little stiff, but I managed to get in. Since then, the temperature has gone down, and they’re totally frozen shut. I had to walk over to the Safeway to get a few supplies, instead of getting proper groceries.

Did some laundry. That was a long time coming—the supply of socks was running a bit low.

But mostly, I worked on my CMPT 120 final exam, which I’m hoping to have done and sent to duplicating by Wednesday. By the way, I have one more reason to not cheat on assignments: the instructor isn’t exactly in a generous mood when making up your exam. I might not get the drunken “favourite instructor” honour at the next LAN party.

A full day, I’d say.

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