Knowledge and Truth

November 9th, 2006, 12:49 am PST by Greg

I was talking to one of our grad students today. He mentioned an old email sig he had seen, and I convinced him to send it to me:

When you realize you know everything, you can get your Bachelor’s.
When you realize you know nothing, you can get your Master’s.
When you realize your supervisor knows nothing, you can get your Ph.D.

Have truer words ever been spoken? Since I think we have readers nearing the end of each of those phases, I thought it would be appreciated all-around.

3 Responses to “Knowledge and Truth”

  1. Eunice Says:

    I really don’t know anything.

    Defense for Masters in 6 weeks.

    I think I qualify.

  2. Kat Says:

    And when you’re burned out and want to quit academia altogether, you can do a post-doc!

  3. Eugene Says:

    But Eunice’s supervisor also knows nothing. Does that mean she gets a PhD too? 🙂