My first bonfire party

September 29th, 2006, 2:49 pm PDT by Kat

I’ve been invited to my first bonfire party. Now, I’ve been to parties where there’ve been small fires built in small fire pits, and I’ve been camping and have enjoyed a few campfires. However, I’ve never been to a party where the whole point of throwing the party is to have a LARGE bonfire. Bonfires seem to be a big thing here. They had bonfires on Franklin Street after the Tarheels won the national championship for basketball in 2005. So, I feel as though by going I will be submerging myself into the Chapel Hill lifestyle. I just hope I don’t fall in!

2 Responses to “My first bonfire party”

  1. Eunice Says:

    I’ve wanted to go to one for a while… wanted to *have* one out at the farm…

  2. Kat Says:

    Well, I didn’t fall in! Although the guy who’s party it was almost did when he was “maintaining” the fire. Funny how guys always find the need to move the burning logs around even though they’re perfecting fine where they are! At least this guy was prepared with blacksmith tongs.

    It wasn’t really a bonfire – more like a large campfire in a fire pit. Still cool though.